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EcoMize Home Services' team of experienced professionals is eager to help.
We service both residential and commercial properties.

Home science has changed drastically over the past few years. Our team is knowledgable in the latest "Whole House" scientific approach to a comfortable home. We are trained to provide the most up to date Energy Audits, Heating and Air Conditioning, Weatherization, Electrical and Plumbing Services.

Start with an EcoMize Home Performance with Energy Star Energy Audit (HPwES)

The EcoMize home energy audit costs just $100 (A $400 value*). The comprehensive audit includes a complete evaluation of your home's energy efficiency, a consultation with a certified energy coach, a written report and installation of a variety of energy saving products such as LED light bulbs, efficient-flow showerheads, pipe insulation and smart strips at no additional cost. 

*The balance of 300 is paid directly to the participating contractor by the HPwES Program

Before your decide on HVAC or home improvements take advantage of this offer to qualify for up to $7,500 or 75% of the cost of your project.

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